transluceo, ere: to shine through

Soulful, authentic branding photography for artists and creatives willing to shine their light

Hi! I’m Émilie.

I’m a French photographer based just outside of Coventry, in the Midlands, and I like to sum up what I do very simply: I photograph songs and stories.

I help musicians and creatives like you show up online and share your work through authentic branding photography that encapsulates who you are and what your art is all about.

My passion is to help you grow and connect with your audience, share your work with pride, and shine your light in everything that you do.

Thank you so much for stopping by! What can I help you with?
Music Photography & Press Shots

Here’s the thing: I love music. And I love working with musicians to create visuals that complement their songs and help them connect with their audience, either through live photography, press shots, album artworks, and music videos.
To me it’s so much more than just bringing a fancy camera along to a pretty location and snapping a few photos — it’s about connecting with your music, and getting to know you as an artist and everything you stand for.

Personal Branding Photography

The Internet is a fantastic place to share your creative work and connect with people from all over the world, but it’s also big, noisy, and a little bit saturated. I want to work with you to create branding photography that feels like you, that captures your personality, your values and your creativity as authentically as possible, so that you can attract the right clients and connect with an audience that just gets you.


Em is absolutely amazing at helping capture my vision in her work and has become a crucial player in my creative team. She adds so much value to my project with her skills, her passion and her personality. Em is a joy to work with and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her for a number of years!

Joe Dolman

Every time I work with Emilie, I feel confident that she will be able to deliver work that I am proud to share. Often it is the case that the results aren’t only what I was hoping for, but even better than I had imagined in the first place!

John Connearn
Have a flick through my journal for sessions I’ve shot, tips and tricks, things that inspire me, and the occasional ramble…

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