So you need a music photographer…

You’re looking for someone to document your time in the studio, bespoke photography and design for your single artwork, press shots that mean business, or live photos that capture the atmosphere and the energy of your gigs… In short, you want people to look at your social media presence and know instantly that you’re serious about your music and how you present it to the world.

Good news — you’re in the right place!

My job means so much more to me than just bringing a fancy camera along to a nice location and snapping a bunch of pictures. I’m here to help you uncover your own value and understand what makes you uniquely you, so that you can show up and share your music confidently with the world.

These days, on top of writing and performing your own songs, you’re expected to be your own manager & booking agent, your own producer, your own video editor, and to dabble in a bit of everything all at once… It’s exhausting, and it sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in a week to get everything done. But I see you. I see your passion, your drive, your perseverance — and I want to help. I’m not interested in shooting 15 press shots sessions for 15 different artists in the same location because it’s convenient and it’ll fit nicely on my Instagram feed. I want us to spend time getting to know each other, I want to hear your music & get what your songs are about, and I want us to find the best way to tell your story, together.

Emilie has such a good eye for beautiful & creative shots. I always feel proud sharing the images she’s created for us. She’s a joy to be around too!

Beth Key — Wildwood Kin
— So how do I plan a session?

Let’s assume you’d like us to work together on your new press shots or for an artwork shoot. Before we book anything, let’s have a phone call or a video chat to get to know each other and work out what your needs are. I’m interested in hearing about your journey as a musician, where you’re at in your career, and what your dreams and ambitions are. Once I have a better feel for what you’re after, I’ll send you a few pricing options as well as a contract — nothing too crazy, that’s just a standard image licensing agreement so we’re all on the same page as to how the photos will be used!

Then we get to the fun part… we start planning! I’ll put together a moodboard with concepts & locations and send my ideas over. In everything that I do, my goal is to be as helpful as possible, so I’ll also give you advice on how to pick the right outfits, share some tips to feel confident in front of the camera, and anything else that you might need help with.

I have a small, portable studio set up with a few backdrops and lights, but as you may have guessed, I mainly shoot in natural light, in a documentary style. I know it feels daunting and uncomfortable having a camera pointed at your face for more than 30 seconds, so let’s make one thing clear: you don’t need to know how to pose, or which side of your face is your “good side”. You don’t need to worry about how you look, or what to do with your hands — all you need is a little trust. It’s my job to have your back, to know and worry about these things, to see the light and to find all the good angles and see the perfect moments, and I will direct you as much or as little as you need. We’ll go with the flow — and we’ll have fun!

Want to know more? Let’s chat!

My photography packages for press shots start at £175.